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For many centuries creativity was viewed as a gift, a natural ability, inherent in a very small number of people. This opinion was challenged by G. S. Altshuller in the middle of last century. "Creativity," he said, "could be taught and learned." Thus, TRIZ, the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, was born.

Conference: Creatime-Fest

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Nina Linkova passed away

This photo is from a seminar in Gorky, Russia in 1974. Left to right – Altshuller, Linkova, Kashin. Nina Petrovna Linkova was 91 years old. She was the first psychologist, who supported G. S. Altshuller and TRIZ. It would be very difficult to overestimate her input into TRIZ development. We mourn with family and friends of Nina Petrovna.

First four TRIZ Champions are named

Congratulations to the inaugural group of TRIZ Champion Award recipients! During a regular meeting on February 18, 2016 MATRIZ Presidium recognized the inaugural group of TRIZ Champion Award recipients: Kozhevnikova Lyubov, Russia Avraam Seredinski, France Eduard Kagan, Israel Ellen Domb, USA The TRIZ Champion Award recognizes the contribution to TRIZ proliferation and promotion through public…

TRIZfest-2016 Official Language

Dear colleagues, English is the official language of TRIZfest-2016. The papers must be submitted in English. Papers’ presentation may be delivered in English or Chinese – the conference will be equipped with Chinese/English/Chinese online translation.