The decision on the extended certification topics

By the decision of the MATRIZ President on the November 30, 2017, the following statement has been added to the “Regulations on Multistage Certification of Users and Certification of MATRIZ Specialists”. This statement aims to clarify the requirement for the recommended amount of training as applies to the requirements of the Appendix 1 of the Regulations:

“If the content of the seminar exceeds the stated Level 1, 2 or 3 required topics, the duration of the seminar must be increased accordingly. Otherwise, MATRIZ may conduct its own inquiry and/or testing to verify the validity of the certification.”

Improvements to TMCC processes

Dear members of TRIZ Community, Presidium MATRIZ made a decision to review and, potentially, modify TRIZ Master Certification Council (TMCC) processes. To this end, we request you submit your opinions/suggestions to the TMCC Chairman Simon Litvin,, and TMCC Academic Secretary Oleg Feygenson,, by November 10th, 2017. You may find the existing Regulations on the MATRIZ website at We are looking forward to your suggestions.

Presidium MATRIZ