TRIZfest-2017 – visa invitation letter

Dear colleagues, TRIZfest-2017 participants. If you need an invitation letter for Polish visa application, please write to Mr. Przemyslaw Przytula at with your complete passport information and the dates of your visit.



TRIZfest-2017 Schedule of Participation fees

Dear colleagues, please find below the fees schedule for TRIZfest-2017.

Full participation fee – $550 (includes conference and social activities)

Students – $200 (conference only), $450 (conference + social activities)

Teachers – $50 (TRIZ-Pedagogy session on September 14 only)

Accompanying person – $250 (social activities only)

TRIZ Champions 2017

Presidium MATRIZ recognized 3 TRIZ Champions:

Alla Nesterenko,

Kalevi Rantanen,

Zakhar Vintman

Congratulations to TRIZ Champions!

The Champions are recognized for their contributions to TRIZ proliferation and promotion through public speaking, lecturing, publishing and other activities.


Welcome to Matriz

For many centuries creativity was viewed as a gift, a natural ability, inherent in a very small number of people. This opinion was challenged by G. S. Altshuller in the middle of last century. “Creativity,” he said, “could be taught and learned.” Thus, TRIZ, the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, was born.