Dear TRIZ colleagues,

The TRIZ R&D Council (TRDC) of MATRIZ believes that today is the right time to revise the main assumptions of classical TRIZ. About 30 years of modern TRIZ development (see TRIZ Periodization slide in the attached files) clearly demonstrated that some of these initial assumptions have to be corrected to accommodate new reality. In order to move forward TRIZ community has to operate under updated assumptions.

Let me emphasize that this revision of TRIZ assumptions represents the collective/collaborative vision of several major TRIZ schools that are participating in TRDC.

We started with clarification of TRIZ boundaries (see TRIZ Boundaries slide in the attached files). We intentionally are talking about the mainstream TRIZ, not including Creative Imagination Development and Theory of Creative Person Development. However it’s not about technical TRIZ only (I am again referring to the first slide – TRIZ Boundaries).

We hope that this document will help the TRIZ community to better navigate in the “ocean” of different TRIZ schools, new developments and publications.

Best regards,
Simon S. Litvin, PhD, TRIZ Master, Chairman of TRDC
Alla Zusman, TRIZ Master, member of TRDC

TRIZ Assumptions Revision (Eng.) 012714 9SL,AZ