Organizational Structure


MATRIZ Board (elected at the MATRIZ Congress on September 14, 2019):

MATRIZ Appointments:



Executive Director Dr. Mark Barkan
Vice President of Development and Communication Mr. Valeri Souchkov
Coordinator of MATRIZ Member Organizations Dr. Yury Fedosov
Chairman of TRIZ Master Certification Council (TMCC) of MATRIZ Dr. Simon Litvin
Chairman of the Council on Expertise and Methodology (CEM) of MATRIZ Dr. Sergei Ikovenko
MATRIZ Vice President, Chairman of TRIZ Research and Development Council (TRDC) Mr. Victor Fey
MATRIZ Vice President of South Korea for Government and Higher Education Affairs Dr. Yong Won Song
Director of TRIZ Deployment of MATRIZ in South Korea Mr. Huynsoo (Alex) Ahn
MATRIZ Vice President of China for Government, Industrial and Higher Education Affairs Dr. Yue (Alp) Lin
MATRIZ Vice President for Marketing in China Ms. Nan Han
MATRIZ Vice President for New Projects Mr. Dmitry Bakhturin
MATRIZ Vice President of Marketing in Russia the CIS countries Dr. Sergey Logvinov
MATRIZ Vice President of Russia and the CIS countries for Industry Affairs Dr. Alexey Fomenko
Director of TRIZ Deployment of MATRIZ in India Mr. P V Narayan
Director of TRIZ Deployment of MATRIZ in India Mr. Tito Kishan Vemuri
Senior MATRIZ adviser in Europe Dr. Robert Adunka
MATRIZ Vice President for TRIZ Deployment in Europe Dr. Stephane Savelli
MATRIZ TRIZ Review, Editor in Chief Mr. Valeri Souchkov
MATRIZ Director of Developing TRIZ Applications for Business and Management Mr. Anton Kozhemyako
MATRIZ Coordinator for the development of Creative and Critical thinking skills. Dr. Mark Barkan
Advisor to the President Dr. Simon Litvin

TRIZ Research and Development Council

Victor Fey (Chairman)

  1. Alexander Kudryavtsev
  2. Simon Litvin
  3. Sergey Logvinov
  4. Alex Lyubomirskiy
  5. Victor Minaker
  6. Valeri Souchkov
  7. Alla Zusman

Council on Expertise and Methodology:

Sergei Ikovenko (Chairman)

  1. Mark Barkan
  2. Christoph Dobrusskin
  3. Andrey Efimov
  4. Huan Chu Huang
  5. Alex Lyubomirskiy
  6. Yong Won Song
  7. Sergey Yatsunenko

According to the CEM Regulations, the CEM Chairman appoints the Level 4 Committee Chair (an acting CEM member) for every Level 4 application. The L4 Committee Chair selects 4 experts from the pool of CEM invited experts, preferably TRIZ Masters, but depending on the professional background, language, availability, etc. Level 4 experts may be also invited.

Invited experts will also participate in Level 3 interviews, accreditation material reviews and interviews, etc. on appointment of the CEM Chairman.

CEM invited experts:

  1. Oleg Abramov
  2. Robert Adunka
  3. Hyunsoo Ahn
  4. Tiziana Bertoncelli
  5. Alexey Fomenko
  6. Barbara Gronauer
  7. You-Shin Han
  8. Jung-Hyeon Kim
  9. Arthur Lok
  10. Oliver Mayer
  11. Heungyeol Na
  12. Tanasak Pheunghua
  13. Valeri Souchkov

TMCC Permanent Composition

  1. Litvin Simon, TRIZ Master, USA – Chairman
  2. Abramov Oleg, TRIZ Master, Russia – Academic Secretary
  3. Adunka Robert, TRIZ Master, Germany
  4. Belski Iouri, TRIZ Master, Australia
  5. Efimov Andrey, TRIZ Master, Russia
  6. Fey Victor, TRIZ Master, USA
  7. Ikovenko Sergei, TRIZ Master, USA
  8. Logvinov Sergey, TRIZ Master, Russia
  9. Lyubomirskiy Alex, TRIZ Master, USA
  10. Mayer Oliver, TRIZ Master, Germany
  11. Song Yong Won, TRIZ Master, South Korea
  12. Souchkov Valeri, TRIZ Master, Netherlands