From MATRIZ Presidium

Dear colleagues, due to COVID-19 the last few months were rather hectic for the entire World community. Our Association was also affected. For one, we had to cancel TRIZfest-2020 due to travel and accommodations restrictions. As you know, the next MATRIZ conference takes place in May 2021. Normally, the XII MATRIZ Congress would take place in 2021 as well. Due to many logistical and procedural issues, the MATRIZ Presidium made a decision to hold XII MATRIZ Congress in 2022 at a yet to be determined location.

MATRIZ Presidium

Good News from TRIZ Association of Asia

We would like to inform you that, as a part of our proliferation activity,  we have been conducting series of sessions on TRIZ during this lock down period, where we had participation from countries like India, USA, Russia, UAE, Africa, Europe, Australia, Israel……and many more.                                                                                                All these sessions were on invitation basis and purely for proliferation of TRIZ among the wider audience.           We shall keep continuing these efforts in days to come ahead.                                                                              Stay safe , Stay positive

P.V.Narayan – TRIZ LEVEL 3

Director of MATRIZ for TRIZ Deployment in lndia                                                                                      

Advisory Board Member of International Business TRIZ Association                                                   

President TRIZ Association of Asia

2020-06 TRIZ Activities Report for MATRIZ