IV International Forum Festival “Intellectual Property for the Future”

The IV International Forum Festival “Intellectual Property for the Future” is set to take place in St. Petersburg from April 19-26, 2023. This week-long festival aims to promote the importance of intellectual property and its role in shaping our future. Organized by the Foundation for the Development of Intellectual Property, Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University, Patent and Law Firm “NEVA-PATENT,” North-West Institute of Management, and Saint Petersburg State Institute of Cinema and Television, the festival coincides with World Intellectual Property Day on April 26, 2023.

This year’s theme for the World Intellectual Property Day is “Women and IP – a catalyst for innovation and creativity,” highlighting the contributions of women in the field of intellectual property. The festival includes several themed days, such as a Day of Legal Culture in the field of intellectual property, a Day of Invention, Creation and Discovery of Intellectual Property, and a Copyright Day. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from experts in the field, share ideas and experiences, and connect with like-minded professionals. Both offline and online events are planned, and participation is free of charge. For more information, visit the festival website at ipforfuture.com. The organizing committee can be reached via email at forum@ipforfuture.com or by phone at +7(812) 677-63-37. Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in this important event and shape the future of intellectual property!

IPFF 2023

The Lineup of Bharat TRIZutsav® 2022

#Bharat TRIZutsav® 2022

UPDATE: The lineup of Bharat TRIZutsav® 2022 has been revealed!

Bharat TRIZutsav 2007 7th edition lineup

TRIZ and Technical Innovation Trust TRIZTI®, (promoted as ATTI) is the Regional MATRIZ Association from India. In collaboration with Proinn Consultancy®, the 7th edition of India’s annual TRIZ and Technical Innovation Conference #BharatTRIZUtsav® is all set to happen as an in-person conference at Bengaluru on 4th Nov. ’22.

Innovation being the oxygen for business growth, with the demand for new solutions is at its peak, so is the necessity to harness the skills to invent and innovate.

We are privileged to have Multiple Professional Societies to be partnering with us on our 7th Edition. Thanks to SAEINDIA#IEEESYSTEMSCOUNCIL Bangalore Section, INCOSEIndian Society for Non-destructive Testing (ISNT) for partnering with us.

We are privileged to have #MATRIZ, our parent TRIZ body and #MyTRIZ both as partnering TRIZ associations.

Starting tomorrow, 11th October, we will promote each talk and the speakers on https://linkedin.com. For all TRIZ Professionals in India who want to participate in this conference can visit https://trizti.org for the conference agenda and details.

Our website has taken a new avatar https://trizti.org and can engage members with more value to absorb.

We have multiple TRIZ case studies by fellow Indian Professionals, CTO talk, HR Leader Talk, MATRIZ President talk and a TRIZ Master participation in the panel discussion on addressing the Theme of the conference: Building Innovation Capability.

One can expect a new age learning conference experience… covering methods, mindsets to invent and inspiring leadership talks.
For group booking RSVP: kishan@trizti.org
To book the tickets online, https://in.explara.com/e/bharat-trizutsav-2022

Tito Kishan Vemuri
Chairman, TRIZTI®
MATRIZ Association No. 87
+91 96864 99774

International non-Profit Organization – TRIZ Development Summit

26 October 2022. Results of the conferences «TRIZ Summit – 2022».

The International Conference of the TRIZ Developers Summit is one of the most significant annual events of the global TRIZ movement. The 18th TRIZ Summit conference was held online from 14 to 16 October 2022. The conference, as usual, is timed to coincide with International TRIZ Day, which is celebrated worldwide on 15 October, the birthday of TRIZ founder G.S. Altshuller. Three sections worked at the conference: “TRIZ in IT and technology”, “TRIZ in business”, and “Creative personality and TRIZ in education”. More than 500 participants from 57 countries from Australia, Asia, North and South America, Africa, and Europe have registered for the conference. The conference was attended by TRIZ Masters and certified TRIZ specialists.

The “TRIZ in IT and Engineering” section presented research results on using TRIZ in innovation, developing IT systems, and, in particular, IoT systems. Traditionally, within the framework of the conference, a report was made about one of the TRIZ Masters. However, this year it was a report on the life and work of Nikolai Shpakovsky. In addition, an ontological approach was presented to describe the initial problem situation and the formation of a roadmap for TRIZ projects, teaching TRIZ in practice at Tsinghua University in China, and other reports.

The second section presented a wide range of materials on the application of TRIZ in business: from consideration of the general laws of system development concerning business tasks to the use of TRIZ in strategic planning tasks, in social information systems, in solving organizational problems of local government, in TRIZ projects in enterprises and financial institutions. Presentations were made on the development of TRIZ Industrial Park in China at the Institute of TRIZ Innovation Management in Azerbaijan and Turkey.

In the section “Creative Personality and TRIZ in Education”, for the first time at international conferences on TRIZ, reports presented different approaches to forming and developing a Creative Personality. The presentation aroused an active discussion among the participants of the forum. In addition, a speech was shown forecasting the development and design of TRIZ-civilization. Several other reports were devoted to the peculiarities of TRIZ methods in educational institutions of different countries. It is essential to use this information when planning further work on the application of TRIZ methods in education.

Conference materials (presentation and videos) are available on the website:


The next 19th TRIZ Summit conference is scheduled for mid-October 2023.

See you at the conference next year!

Sincerely, Organizing Committee of the TRIZ Summit 2022 Conference