MATRIZ activities in PR China

Dear colleagues,

It has come to our attention that there is a confusion within China TRIZ community about MATRIZ activities in China and Dr. Sun Yongwei’s role with MATRIZ. We take this opportunity to clarify this situation:

Dr. Sun Yongwei is not involved with any MATRIZ activities or holds any position within MATRIZ structure.

Any statements to the contrary are misleading and baseless. Every accredited MATRIZ CEM Representative is advised that they will forfeit MATRIZ CEM accreditation if they provide any service to RDMI and/or Dr. Sun Yongwei. This rule applies to cooperation with any individual or company outside of MATRIZ domain.

Change in the certification price list

Dear colleagues,

Effective May 1st 2021 the certification fee schedule is changed in accordance with the decision of the MATRIZ Presidium. You may review the changes in the Appendix 10 on “How to become a Specialist” page –, or in the file below:

Appendix 10 Certification Price List

Please address your questions to MATRIZ CEM Chair Dr. Sergei Ikovenko at