Licenses of are revoked due to multicertification rules

Order 004/22

According to MATRIZ REGULATIONS FOR MULTILEVEL CERTIFICATION OF TRIZ PRACTITIONERS AND SPECIALISTS (paragraphs 2.6-2.8) and REGULATIONS FOR THE STATUS OF REPRESENTATIVES OF MATRIZ COUNCIL ON EXPERTISE AND METHODOLOGY FOR CERTIFICATION OF TRIZ LEVELS 1-3 SPECIALISTS (appendix 5, paragraph 9), MATRIZ CEM Representatives cannot conduct any alternative TRIZ certification without an explicit permission of MATRIZ; otherwise, the accreditation should be revoked.

The licenses of:

  • Dr. Robert Adunka license 016
  • Mr. Shree Phadnis license 023
  • Mr. Alex Lyubomirskiy license 030
  • Dr. Oliver Mayer license 053
  • Dr. Stephane Savelli license 062
  • Dr. Oleg Feygenson license 068
  • Mr. Bernd Haussmann license 080
  • Mr. Anton Kozhemyako license 088
  • Dr. George (Wang) Wei license 098
  • Chrictoph Dobrusskin license 039
  • Peter Jantschgi license 073
  • Thomas Seydlitz license 091

are revoked effective of October 13, 2022.

Dr. Sergey Yatsunenko
MATRIZ President

The original order #004: pdf

Expenses compensated for MATRIZ in Belgium

Order 003/22

According to previous agreement between MATRIZ (MATRIZ President Oleg Feygenson and MATRIZ Executive Director Mark Barkan) Mr. Stéphane Savelli was authorized to start the process of transferring MATRIZ from the USA to Europe (Belgium).
The process started in January 2022 according to the documentation presented by Mr. Stéphane Savelli to MATRIZ. Arranging registration and transfer of MATRIZ to Belgium Mr. Stéphane Savelli incurred certain expenses, shown below:

  1. The lawyer expenses – 2646 €.
  2. Work on the project of establishment of MATRIZ in Belgium – 4400 €.
  3. Registration fee – 491,26 €.

According to previous agreement these expenses must be compensated, that is why I order acting Executive Director Mark Barkan should reimburse the above-mentioned expenses according the attached receipts.

Dr. Sergey Yatsunenko
MATRIZ President

The original order #003: pdf