Order 003/22

According to previous agreement between MATRIZ (MATRIZ President Oleg Feygenson and MATRIZ Executive Director Mark Barkan) Mr. Stéphane Savelli was authorized to start the process of transferring MATRIZ from the USA to Europe (Belgium).
The process started in January 2022 according to the documentation presented by Mr. Stéphane Savelli to MATRIZ. Arranging registration and transfer of MATRIZ to Belgium Mr. Stéphane Savelli incurred certain expenses, shown below:

  1. The lawyer expenses – 2646 €.
  2. Work on the project of establishment of MATRIZ in Belgium – 4400 €.
  3. Registration fee – 491,26 €.

According to previous agreement these expenses must be compensated, that is why I order acting Executive Director Mark Barkan should reimburse the above-mentioned expenses according the attached receipts.

Dr. Sergey Yatsunenko
MATRIZ President

The original order #003: pdf