On January 25, 2018 in Moscow, a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Russian State Corporation RosTech on the wide introduction of TRIZ at the enterprises of the Corporation was held. The main issue on the agenda was the creation of the TRIZ Center and the development of TRIZ practice in Rostech. The meeting was attended by more than 70 representatives of the management of RosTech enterprises.

The President of MATRIZ Y. Fedosov, Vice-President O. Feygenson, the employee of the TRIZ-Department of the “Basic Element” Group of Companies N. Saunin delivered information messages. During the discussion, the participants of the Scientific and Technical Council noted that in general TRIZ is known to many representatives of the engineering community of RosTech, and the systemic deployment of TRIZ practice is an urgent, demanded subject. The resolution on the deployment of TRIZ training and TRIZ practice was adopted in general, the submitted drafts were approved as a guide to action.