At the beginning of 2018, 8 China Regional Representatives from different regions had a meeting in Beijing. Each of the representatives summarized their work related to TRIZ in their regions. After that, there were heated discussions among representatives. They analyzed both China domestic and international situations, listed the challenges and developed short-term and long-term plans. Finally, all representative members reached the agreement that:

l  High quality of MATRIZ certification should be maintained

l  A series of TRIZ promotion activities will be held in different regions of China

l  Help more China TRIZ experts to get higher level TRIZ certificates

l  Help more high-quality Level 3 TRIZ experts to get MATRIZ accreditation

l  MATRIZ China conference 2018 will be held in Hong Kong

l  More MATRIZ certification training will be organized in different regions of China

l  …

China Representatives are all high quality MATRIZ Level 3 certified TRIZ Practitioners. They were nominated by Dr. Yongwei Sun, MATRIZ VP for China and Oceania, and approved by MATRIZ president in July 2017.