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Any challenge that requires an innovative solution is usually associated with a cluster of entwined problems, some obvious and others hidden. Solving a wrong problem drains the company of time, money, saps people’s energy, and often results in missed market opportunities. This tutorial will acquaint you with major tools of modern TRIZ used for rigorous identification and formulation of the most promising problems worth solving.
Transition to knowledge and digital economies, further globalization of production and distribution of goods and services strongly increased competition on a broad scale and forced service delivering organizations to seek new ways to differentiate and add value. This tutorial explains how the TRIZ Trends of Systems Evolution can be practically applied to systematically create new business services. There are no restrictions on which types of services can be invented. The tutorial will explain the theoretical background behind the TRIZ Trend of Transition to Supersystem, demonstrate examples of new services based on the trend, introduce the technique of inventing new services, and provide practice by inventing new services right in the class.
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